Friday, June 23, 2017

The Sunflower Queen

A little change of pace, something whimsical and just plain fun.  After painting the dahlia in a somewhat realistic style, I decided to paint the sunflower as I see her - as a regal and benevolent queen of the garden gazing down sweetly at the little flower courtiers at her feet.  My inspiration came from the fraktur angels of the Pennsylvania Dutch.  I just adore that style of folk art, and I've been doodling some designs of my own.  I get lots of good ideas from doodles!

This has been the rainiest June I can ever remember!  It's been raining for a solid week here, and the garden is beginning to flag and to flop.  I've cut back the gaillardias and the bee balm in hopes that they might rally and bloom again if the sun ever comes back out.  Many of the flowers in my garden I am growing for the first time this year and I'm learning as I go.

How do you like our real and rustic anvil?  It's a piece of railroad track on top of a very large hickory stump.  It's not fancy, but it works and we love it.  Got myself a little 2.5 lb hammer the other day that's just the right size for me. I call it the "Mammer Hammer". tee hee.   Hopefully, I will eventually get to the point where I'm making something other than scrap metal, but I'm having fun with the boys just the same.  They're already making tools and knives and even a garden stake for me!


Michelle said...

My son has a medium sized anvil, but would love that one.

Kit said...

Sorry so rainy! I have had springs like too. Not much fun. I hope it clears up soon for you. I love the flowers and the anvil. I hope you are having a good time. :) Kit

Jeri Landers said...

Starr, I love that Anvil! You and the boys will make all kinds of great things. My husband found a really old one at the flea market a few years ago... he said, "You'll love this!" "What am I going to do with it?!!!" asks I.. Well, I have actually used it for bending copper and wire in some building projects.... You just never know.
Your flower paintings are so lovely and I see your Zinnias are looking good.. despite all your rain.