Thursday, May 4, 2017

May Days

Aaaah! Lovely May days have arrived.  Foxgloves, daisies, and honeysuckle are blooming along with hundreds of wildflowers.  The air is now warm and humid, but pleasantly filled with the mingling of damp, sweet earth and fragrant flowers.  Every morning and evening the doors and windows are flung open to fill the house with the sound of birdsong and the rich perfume that fills the air.  It's a glorious time of year.  We have been spring cleaning!!  How do we manage to collect so much stuff in our tiny little house?  A carload is being packed up to be delivered to the Salvation Army charity shop.  It feels good to have space to breathe.

The foxglove sketch was done in my Daniel Smith watercolors that I've had for a year now but have been too intimidated to open and use.  They're glorious! They make me feel like a better painter as they honestly do a lot of the work for me.  Such a great investment, and I am not afraid to use them anymore! The curved steel leaf is one I forged at a blacksmithing symposium at Tannehill Ironworks. My two boys (great big strapping boys now!) have taken up an interest in blacksmithing, and I couldn't resist getting in on the action.  It's a whole new world of creative possibilities!! Dear husband has set about building us a home forge, and we are super excited to get cracking.  The boys want to make weapons, of course.  I want to make decorative pretties - drawer handles, towel rods, curtain rods, garden tools, etc.  I have so many ideas!!

The tiny little potters wasp nest and the intricate trails left by the leaf miner are some of the small natural wonders which captivate me.  Nature amazes and thrills me on a daily basis.  Every walk in the woods feels like an exploration, an adventure!  Naughty Shep upset a turkey from her nest early one morning, and feeling very proud of himself, delivered me the gift of a still warm egg.  I couldn't bear to scold him.  I thanked him and put it in my pocket.

Wishing you the joy of many May flowers in your neck o' the woods :-)



Barbara said...

Oh Starr, you are so talented. You could put those paints in my hands, and I would never be able to do something as pretty as your Foxglove. You deserve more credit than you give yourself. I wondered what was on the clothespin, how tiny a nest is that! Amazing journey of the leaf miner that seemed to know when to turn. Your observation skills are in overdrive in the spring time, and your photography skills have not gone unnoticed. I always look forward to your posts!

Barbara said... son has a homemade forge where he makes many different things related to his everyday work including outdoorsman supplies and knives, and such. Your leaf piece is just one lovely example of the decorative items that you could enjoy making. I hope you post more about this in the future, it seems to be a fulfilling endeavor!

Here is a link if interested:

Valerianna said...

Lovely painting and ironwork. A forge, now that is something cool!! Or, uh... very hot, maybe better said. And, about your Daniel Smith watercolors, there is truly a reason to use good materials. Lots of pigment in good paints, one doesn't fight them to get good color. BTW, I just got an email that Dick Blick online is having a sale on DSmith watercolors. You might want to try the PrimaTek set made with minerals. They are on my list to try and I think the sale might seal the deal.

Valerie Gardiner said...

I do love your description of the beauty of May, I can almost smell the honeysuckle and fresh earth in your wonderful woods. The leaf is amazing, what an exciting new skill to add to your repertoire! XXX

Jules Woolford said...

Such a lovely post, I feel like I am there in the woods too! I'm so pleased you've used your DS paints - use them every day, they are there to be worked with and loved. I spent too many years afraid to use my 'best' and special things! Your foxglove sketch is quite lovely.

I'm also very excited about your ironwork - now that is something special and different! A Happy May to you! x