Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Recent Sketches

My dear mother bought me this little faux bois pot, which I love, and I put one of my orchids in it. I love how it looks so much, I decided to sketch it. I really learned a lot on this one, and it was so much fun rendering the bark like texture on the pot. I imagine this little pot will be the subject of a great many more sketches.

Every year in early spring, our house is invaded by ladybugs.  This one posed for a sketch.

my beloved little anole. You've seen these many times here on this blog and will probably see them many times more.  They are sort of like wild pets, if that makes any sense.  They live all around our house and are my constant companions when I'm outside on the porch.  They love my flower pots where they hunt for insect prey and meet girls.  What I love most about them is how they look at me, curiously, and without fear, studying me too until I get too close and they feel they must move away - just a safe distance.  They are obviously as curious about me as I am them. Once I uncovered an earthworm while digging in a nearby flower bed and I offered it to one.  He ate it immediately without any hesitation as if it were the most natural thing in the world to accept a meal from a giant. 

A note to Valerie: the ladybug and anole are in the beautiful journal you sent to me.  I finally got the courage to use it!!  thank you, again for your encouragement and support always. bless you!


Barbara said...

Starr, you have been very busy! I have recently tried sketching and painting again, but years cause changes and I seem to have lost the hand dexterity I used to have. I once had five orchids and thought I would start raising them. They are so beautiful! But propagating them was not my thing, so when they died, I gave up the idea. Sketching one preserves it forever! I love your little pot too. Our sons had pets like your anole, and I recall buying crickets for them. I think I would have much rather had them around our house in the wild, but it takes a warmer climate. Is your orchid sketch on handmade paper?

Valerie Gardiner said...

Lovely sketches, Starr and I'm so pleased you've started the sketchbook. You'll soon relax and not worry about 'spoiling' it, all your sketches have merit even if you don't like them at the time, in the future you will look back and remember the place and time and learn from them. Thanks for you comments on my blog too, I loved you tree photos and it looks like we were both inspired by that stunning bark close-up.

Jules Woolford said...

Oh these are great Starr - I'm so pleased to see you sketching again! I particularly love the wood effect, you depicted it beautifully.
How super of Valerie to send you a sketchbook - lovely lady that she is.x

Michelle said...

I admire you talent! These sketches are beautiful.

Tammie Lee said...

Each sketch is lovely.
It is fun to hear about the critters you live with.
When I look out the window and see ducks in the pond, well I kind of consider them room mates.