Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Window Garden

I love my window garden.  It's in my corner. My little creative corner where I sit and read or paint or stitch.  The light is beautiful here, rain or shine, and the plants love it.  They're so cheerful and so pretty in their variety of textures and colors.  I like looking at them close up like this.  You can really see the subtle shades of pinks and blues and grays and greens.  For me, wherever there are plants, there is a sense of calm and quiet.
I transferred the design from my sketchbook onto a bit of cloth and added a few stitches.  It's tiny - only about 4 in. square, and I'm thinking of making myself a fabric coaster with it.  I can also see it on a throw pillow or the cover of a nature journal.  Lots of ideas fluttering about.


Barbara said...

Beautiful photos, Starr. Did you make the little tree stump pot? The small stitcher is perfect for the things you mention. I vote for a nature journal. I think it might get too much wear as a coaster, and even on a pillow. I have a window garden but there is not a place for it in a room where I spend time creating. It sits on a table in front of a large living room window instead, a room we don't use often. I should rearrange a few things!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I used to have houseplants but the collection got too large and became a chore to care for, they became nice gifts for several of my friends. Your little corner is perfect and your stitching is as well. I would not use that lovely piece for a coaster. A notebook cover sounds perfect. Glad you are posting again.
xx, Carol

Jules Woolford said...

What a beautiful spot! My houseplants are all downstairs at our main entrance, as I don't have room on most of our windowsills, still they seem to thrive there. I vote for a journal cover. I think it would be perfect!