Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter Decorating

I love the colors of winter.  Soft greens, browns, and silvery grays.  These soft, muted colors soothe my eye and my soul.  Inevitably, they find their way into my home decorating.

Here is our 'winter' mantle.  I change the mantle according to the seasons, and since we don't often get snow here (and I love snow), I get a little help from wooden snowflakes and flocked evergreen branches.   The deer antlers and pinecones are perennial favorites of mine, and I never seem to be able to put them away.

You may notice one of my miniatures tucked in there as well.  Aside from the little pop of the jolly red toadstool, those same colors seem to show up in my creations.

I picked up this wonderful owl print at the thrift store for 50 cents! and the ceramic toadstool was a Mother's Day gift from my youngest a couple of years ago.  He knows what Mommy likes.

Here in Alabama, spring is really just around the corner.  Daffodils are already sprouting, and buds are beginning to swell.  We will begin seeing some flowers as early as the end of February, and I find that already some soft pinks and creams are beginning to show up in my work....

This one is dusted with mica flakes that I ground myself to make a rustic type of glitter.  After all, it is still quite cold, and everything is covered in a soft, glittery layer of frost in the mornings.  I think this one looks good enough to eat.

It must be time for breakfast!

Happy weekend, lovelies :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tiny Worlds: Forest Floor Diorama (with bird)

Hello dear friendlies! I have been having ever so much fun making little vessels for my tiny toadstools and found objects.  This little vessel and bird were handcrafted from Creative Paperclay (my new best friend) and then painted and crackled (Folk Art brand crackle medium) and glittered to my little hearts content. Tucked inside are my teeny tiny little toadstools, mosses, lichens, and even a baby snail shell which was found abandoned by my youngest.  I am quite attached to this one, and I don't think I will be able to part with it anytime soon.

I suppose that means I need to make more :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

It was a wonderfully mild winter day, and we had a lovely walk in the afternoon.  Once again we ventured off the beaten path and found that amazing tree.  It is riddled with holes and tunnels in and around and under it.  Not small holes either - big ones.  I would love to stake it out and find out who lives there!

I love the last photo.  That's my youngest heading up the drive toward home.  Is there anything more beautiful than the road that leads you home?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Still Life

Santa Baby kindly brought me some Creative Paper Clay for Christmas this year (I was really almost very good!), and I've been playing with it.  I created this lovely little coppery glazed shroomy with it and then had a bit of fun staging a still-life for it.  I plan to pop a screw-eye into to the top of him so he can hang proudly from, well, anywhere I can find to hang him! A door knob, a drawer knob, one of the tiny nails in the hearth that we usually hang our stockings from.  I like him, and I loved making him, and I expect he will soon have some brothers and sisters and cousins to keep him company :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Tiny Worlds

Inspired by the wonderful miniature wildlife I encounter on my wanderings through the woods, I've been creating tiny worlds.  This one is only about 2 in. in diameter.

And yes, that is my Christmas tree serving as a background.  If I leave it up much longer, it will have to be dusted.  How does one dust a Christmas tree?  Every time I mention taking it down, my children moan and groan and beg me to leave it up just a little while longer.  sigh. oh well. I needed a background anyway :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Have you ever followed a deer path through the woods?  I highly recommend it.  You will find all sorts of interesting and wonderful things.  Like gardens of tiny little mushrooms.....

moss covered trees and fern banks....

Who knows? You might even happen upon the humble home of some little forest folk :)

Or a wonderfully twisty tree branch....

So many things to inspire the imagination! Often times I walk the same path over and over again, content to do the same old thing the same old way.  But my little adventure down the deer path made me think that perhaps I need to be a bit more adventurous in the coming year and embrace all the changes taking place in our lives with a spirit of hopefulness and optimism rather than fear and trembling. Take a new path! Try a new thing! You never know where it may lead or what wonderful things you might discover along the way.