Saturday, February 28, 2015


They say that Gratitude is the wellspring of Joy.
So, today I am thankful for......

banana bread fresh out of the oven

quiet, early morning creative time (whilst munching on aforementioned banana bread - tee hee!)

the incredible freshness and beauty that is spring!!

my first sale!! thank you Constanza :)

new projects in the works that make me really excited!! I can't wait to see if it turns out like I imagine it in my head

the sweet, wonderful creativity and generosity of friends.......this is Bugsy.  You may recognize this sweet little guy from Penny's blog Art Journey.  He has recently come to live with us, and I think he is quite happy here.  Here he looks a tad disappointed not to find any bugs under this log, but the poor dear didn't realize that it's a petrified log :)

So now he is busying himself with inspecting the houseplants.....careful Bugsy! that one's tricksy!!

And finally, I am so very grateful for the outpouring of support I received after my last post.  I am no longer all alone in the world of social media!! Thank you to each and everyone who found me and friended me on Facebook this week and for all the encouraging and uplifting comments I received.  My heart is just so full of gratitude today.  And you are a very big part of that. Thank you!!



Barbara said...

Starr, congratulations on your first sale, already! You have the magic touch it takes, I'm sure. Remember to enjoy, and be thankful! :)))

Janice Grinyer said...

Pass the Banana bread; its time to celebrate your first "flight" !!!


Penny said...

Starr - Thank you so much for taking care of Bugsy. I can see that he might get into a bit of mischief if he'd gotten any closer to the cactus *smile*. Your drawings are lovely - and a what morning could be better than drawing and nibble on banana bread fresh from the oven - YUM!

Mary Ann said...

Yeah for you! I think I'll go make some banana bread because yours looks yummy:)

Jules Woolford said...

Hooray! and Congratulations! (Love that packaging too.) love the nests and please, send Banana bread -yum!xxx

barbara judge said...

Spring is certainly almost at your doorstep as I glace at your photos. The daffs are so charming. Your artistic talent will assure you success in your new adventure -- barbara