Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter Decorating

I love the colors of winter.  Soft greens, browns, and silvery grays.  These soft, muted colors soothe my eye and my soul.  Inevitably, they find their way into my home decorating.

Here is our 'winter' mantle.  I change the mantle according to the seasons, and since we don't often get snow here (and I love snow), I get a little help from wooden snowflakes and flocked evergreen branches.   The deer antlers and pinecones are perennial favorites of mine, and I never seem to be able to put them away.

You may notice one of my miniatures tucked in there as well.  Aside from the little pop of the jolly red toadstool, those same colors seem to show up in my creations.

I picked up this wonderful owl print at the thrift store for 50 cents! and the ceramic toadstool was a Mother's Day gift from my youngest a couple of years ago.  He knows what Mommy likes.

Here in Alabama, spring is really just around the corner.  Daffodils are already sprouting, and buds are beginning to swell.  We will begin seeing some flowers as early as the end of February, and I find that already some soft pinks and creams are beginning to show up in my work....

This one is dusted with mica flakes that I ground myself to make a rustic type of glitter.  After all, it is still quite cold, and everything is covered in a soft, glittery layer of frost in the mornings.  I think this one looks good enough to eat.

It must be time for breakfast!

Happy weekend, lovelies :)


Valerie Gardiner said...

What a delightful glimpse into your beautiful woodland home. The wise owl seems to be watching over your family keeping them safe. Isn't it lovely to start seeing the signs of spring, we've got crocus open already and daffodils and hyacinth putting their heads through the cold earth.

Jeri Landers said...

Like you, I have learned to appreciate the muted colors of winter. What I especially love are the silhouettes that can only be seen when leaves have fallen and the garden is no longer lush, there remain those incredible stark, standing sentinels everywhere you look.

Valerianna said...

Lovely colors, yes, they are our November and late April colors here, because now we are buried in snow and there is a foot or so coming on Monday. If you want some, come on up!! Love that last mushroom, so lifelike!

Jules Woolford said...

OK when can I move in?! Just delightful. I love those colours too, but it is thrilling to see the pure white of the snowdrop buds peeking out, and the fresh green arum leaves shooting up in the woods too. Spring is coming.x

Margo Brooks said...

That is a pretty winter! I just got back to Rhode Island. We have a lot of snow here. I'm sure we could spare some--especially since we are getting another foot tomorrow! Daffodils are a long way away in New England!

Wynette Vass said...

Very beautiful decorations. I love how daffodils begin bursting through the ground no matter what is going on above.

Suztats said...

Your winter looks like our autumn. Today we're having a winter storm with blowing snow, poor driving conditions, and several more inches of snow. It's bitterly cold, too.
Your winter mantle looks wonderful, as does that beautiful wee toadstool.