Monday, February 3, 2014

And the Winner Is……..

I put the names in my favorite old gardening hat which is always hanging on a hook by the back door, and drew out a name - Cristy.

Cristy, you are a "no reply Blogger", so if you will contact me with your mailing information, I will be most happy to send you your choice of:

Cabbage Rose Fancy or Faraway Garden.


this sweetly scented little Valentine hand stitched by yours truly.  My eight-year-old son is very upset with me for giving it away, so I guess I will have to make him one too :))

You can e-mail me at

Congratulations Cristy! and a big thank you to everyone else who participated.  This was fun! I like giveaways.  I think I shall have to do more of them in the future!



Jules Woolford said...

Congratulations Christy!
Starr- I love that hat!

Suztats said...

Christy, you're a lucky lady!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hope Cristy see's her name! It is so sweet that your son wants your Valentine. Don't you just love boys!
xx, Carol

Raewyn said...

Hi Starr, I have had a catch up read of your blog, having been away from serious blogreading for a bit. I love your winter photos and also your embroidery - beautiful all round :-)It's neat to see you enjoying winter and what it brings :-)

margaret said...

you are a lucky girl Christy, had my fingers crossed my name was on this package!