Monday, January 13, 2014

Cathedral of the Forest

Woke up to a strange sky today.  Overcome by a restless, anxious feeling, I decided to go out for a walk.  That always helps.  I noticed how odd it was that the sky, the morning, the world seemed to reflect my mood back at me.  Or, perhaps it was saying to me, "I know.  I understand.  Come out for a walk and we'll talk things over."

I set out on my walk feeling a little lost.  I don't know why.  sometimes we just feel that way for no good reason.  I rambled and wandered and ended up here - in the pine forest on top of the hills that look down on our house.  It's so quiet here.  and then I noticed the soft sighing of the pines as their tops caught the wind and they swayed to and fro, whispering.  I stood there for the longest time, just listening and watching them sway.  And then I started to feel that awful tension I had been carrying start to drift away.  up and away with the wind in the treetops.  And I started to cry.  I stood there in the middle of that pine thicket and had myself a good old sobbing cry.  And when it was all over, I felt better.  I said a prayer of thanksgiving and I wondered if I could feel any closer to God in the great gothic cathedrals of France than I did standing there in that pine forest.

Don't worry.  I am really ok.  I know I've been a bit quiet here, but I have just been resting and recovering from the holidays.  I have been visiting all of you and enjoying your words.  I just haven't had any of my own to share for a while.  Hopefully that will change soon.

Thank you so much to my friends who have messaged me to say hello and to ask about me.  I am overwhelmed by your kindness and so touched by your concern.  Big, big hug to you all!

Blessings to you from the woods :)

"Be still and know that I am God……"  Psalm 46:10



I know the day you are talking about, at least I think I do. The sky seemed to hold mystery in its darkly folded clouds. I too took a photo that day which is scheduled to view soon.The weather has such a connectivity to our physical being. Nice post -- barbara

Valerianna said...

Yes! Such a good self-care - a cry in the pine cathedral! I've been wondering about you and thought about you, but I've been on a roller coaster of elder kitty care and crisis management. Phew, what a ride! Gald you got th release. Happy January.

Janet said...

I've been down that path too.
Be well friend.

Mary Ann said...

I've been out of sorts and restless too. I'm blaming the weather. It would be lovely to stand in that pine forest right now:)

margaret said...

How strange, have just sent you a comment saying we had not been in the woods lately then your post pops up. Certainly you are near to God in these wonderful woods and I am sure he has given you strength and glad to read you are feeling better, all the build up to Christmas I fell can lead to a real let down in the new year. Take care Starr.Reading your comments it seems we are all struggling a bit, let us put ourselves into the hands of our Lord and all will be well. I feel in need and am off to a mid week communion service today as it is Dad`s 30th anniversary, seems only like yesterday

Valerie Gardiner said...

I have been wondering where you were and I'm glad you're ok. I can really sympathise with your feelings in the forest, I had a little cry with you too. I love tall trees especially silver birches.

Jules Woolford said...

I am so glad nature's medicine eased things for you and helped you release your unease. It's truly a wonderful thing!x

Penny said...

Being outside is such a good medicine. Often it helps me to be in the vastness of the forest or the desert mountains - to take me out of myself and to put everything into perspective. Hope your world lightens up and you find the peace and joy that can be your life.

Winnie said...

Sometimes we all need to set on a solitary walk and allow mother nature to take away our worries and stresses. Glad to see a post from you. Hope all the stresses that you may carry vanish away soon. Take care dear friend...Winnie

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You were having withdrawls! ~lol~
Too many days cooped up with the cold weather on the other side of the window.

We each have our own place that gives us great comfort. Yours is the woods.

Mine is anywhere in the sun and near water...even the frog pond.

You are NEVER closer to God or the Universe than when your are in "Your Place". You don't have to be in a building to find your Higher Power.

Much Love
xx, Carol

Jeri Landers said...

Darling Starr, I understand that lost feeling that sometimes just appears out of the blue for no apparent reason. A good cry seems to help wash it away and a walk in God's creation reminds us of how small our problems are amid that vast woodland cathedral. I am glad God spoke to you that day and made His presence known.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Oh how I can relate to those kind of days. The older I get the more they come. I'm going to blame it all on hormones. Yep. Sure am. ;)
Going for a walk in such a beautiful place is bound to take it all away. You are never alone sweet friend. :)

Kati Lovasz said...

What a beautiful and peaceful place. I always find it hard after the holidays.

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

An interesting post. Glad you have Jesus in your life. It's good to have a good cry - I like crying, it makes me feel good after it!

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.