Saturday, October 19, 2013

Visitors to the Wonderland

Common Box Turtle
How could anyone call this beautiful creature "common"?  You can't see it so well in this photo, but his eyes are an astonishing red-orange color.  They make him look as if he's saying, "Don't mess with me, or you're likely to draw back a nub, sister!"  Actually, I think they make good pets, but we don't keep animals that would have to stay in a small cage.  Better to enjoy them enjoying their natural environment.  Now I know who's been nibbling all the mushrooms!!

American anole
So far no birds have claimed this little birdhouse, but it looks like someone else might be considering it! This is the American anole, sometimes called a chameleon, wearing his lovely browns.

American anole
American anole
And here is another one, a little tiny baby one only about 2.5" long (tail and all!!) Isn't she sweet?? She is sporting the brilliant emerald green coloring they are best known for.  I think (I hope) she is one of Ivy's babies.  Here she is hiding amongst the morning glories which grow up the bird feeder.  So cute I had to give you two photos of her :)  I have named her Gloria.

Tiger beetle
If I ever attempt a stumpwork beetle, this will be my subject.  Love that brilliant turquoise green!!

A poor little frozen bumblebee.  I spotted him very early on a very chilly morning.  I don't think he was dead, just very cold.  I hope he was able to warm up and fly home later in the morning.

Lots of fuzzy caterpillars around.

Not a critter, but rather evidence of one - a perfectly round hole right through the center of my creeping sedum.  And I was thinking that it just wasn't happy in our heavy clay soil.  Not too long after this was taken, the dogs got after the mole who is responsible for it and dug up the whole flower bed to get at him.  Oh well.  I needed to transplant some things anyway.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend from Wonderland!!


Mary Ann said...

Fun pictures:) We used to have a rather large resident snapping turtle in our back yard when we first moved here. He lived there for at least 10 years. He would lumber about eating the grass. He was also very fond of my lettuce plants and cucumbers. There was a small stream at the bottom of our yard where he spent most of the day. The stream eventually dried up and Mr Turtle wandered off to greener pastures:)

Jules Woolford said...

How Lovely! Your first visitors look very exotic in comparison to our UK woodland creatures,though Starr. You have quite a few subjects who might like their portrait done there?:)
It's surprisingly warm here for autumn, but heavy rains aren't helping our last few brave bees prepare for hibernation. I hope the good summer will have provide enough resources for most of them.

Suztats said...

Fabulous photos, Starr. Makes me wish I could visit your Wonderland. All the creatures, the plants, the bird houses......

Valerianna said...

Better to transplant than have a family of moles eating everything from underneath! Thanks for sharing all the lovely visitors, beautiful.

Penny said...

Love these pictures. The other day as we drove up the hill home there was a box turtle in the middle of the road - of course I had to get out and move him to the side of the road, all the while telling him that he needed to stay away from asphalt!

Valerie Gardiner said...

What a wonderful collection of wildlife you have,Starr. Lots of artistic inspiration, especially that gorgeous beetle!

Jeri Landers said...

That was a marvelous nature walk, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Those beautiful turtles wander the Hollow and I always stop to say hello. I brought one in the house to photograph on my art table;you are so right, their orange EYES are amazing. Of course, I set him free afterwards.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Not a common looking turtle at all. All those markings are wonderful. All lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us :)