Saturday, September 14, 2013

Small Town Farmers Market

I love living in the country, and I love the fact that the nearest towns are small country towns where folks are nice and friendly and life is still pretty simple - for the most part.  This week I had the pleasure of visiting a nearby town and its weekly farmers market.  It's a small affair - probably 100 vendors max, and they sell everything imaginable under the sun.  Everything from fruits and vegetables to antiques to farm equipment and livestock.  It was so much fun!

This sweet, smiling lady is called Daisy, and she is selling homegrown muscadines.  She was warm and friendly with a huge toothy grin, which you can't see because unbeknownst to me at the time, she popped a giant muscadine in her mouth just as I was snapping the photo!  Hi Daisy! Thanks for the photo :)

Don't they look delicious?  And the fragrance was heavenly and indescribably sweet and rich and fruity.  My friend Shelia bought a basket to make jelly.  I hope I get some! hint hint, Shelia :)

This family has been coming to the market every Wednesday for 16 years.  These are my kind of peeps.  Just good old-fashioned country folks.  Warm and welcoming and oh-so-friendly.

Everything looked so fresh and delicious.  I wanted everything!  I did get some eggplants and tomatoes.

Loved these guys selling chickens.

Off the back of a pick-up!!

I wish I had taken more photos of all the vendors, but I was too busy shopping.  Here is a wonderful basket I got for $4.

I love how the handles interlace to close it up.  It's in excellent condition, and I'm thinking of sewing a cloth lining for it and maybe using it as a sewing or embroidery basket.  (that's Smokey's paw, btw)

These vintage owl prints were $2 each!  I LOVE them.  Aren't they cute? I love the autumn colors and their sweet little eyes.  I just couldn't leave them.  They had to come home with me.  I mean, could you have walked away from those eyes??

But my very favorite finds of the day were these books I nabbed for 50 cents each!!  I am obsessed with books - particularly vintage children's books so the book of poems made me squeal (literally - sorry, Shelia!) with delight.  I also love folk art, and well, isn't Grandma Moses the queen of American folk art?  This is a really good book detailing not only the work, but the life and times of the artist.

I will be writing a separate blog post about each of these books this week.  They are each so wonderful, and there is so much to share about each one - too much to include here.

Oh, and remember I told you I bought some eggplants?  Well, here they are.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Almost too pretty to eat!  but not quite....tee hee.....

They got roasted up in a hot oven and turned into some baba ganoush.  I used this recipe.  I like to eat mine with toasted pita wedges, kalamata olives, and Greek peppers.  Oh, it was sooooo good, ya'll.  Wish you were here. Nom nom nom......

I would love to see photos of craft fairs and flea markets where you live.  Every area is so unique.  It's fascinating to see what people bring to market.  So, why not visit some in your area and share your finds with us?  Next time, I will try to photograph more and shop less, but I'm not making any promises!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment on my last post.  My heart was particularly full that day, and your warm and wonderful comments made me so very happy.  Thank you for that.  Thank you so much.  Big hugs all around!!


Valerianna said...

Looks like FUN... and delicious. The basket is a great find... I'm looking for that exact kind of basket because my current sewing basket has really bit the dust. The books are great, too. I like Grandma Moses, too, and the owl prints - wow, you really scored there!

margaret said...

what a lovely day out and to be able to buy your produce straight from the growers is great.
The books really caught my eye, I must chase up a blog I follow , the lady does the illustrations for childrens books, you will love it, will email it when I track it down. The basket will make a good sewing basket and a lining is a good idea, I have a couple of open woven baskets that I keep meaning to line, maybe one day!

Jules Woolford said...
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Jules Woolford said...

Sorry -had to repost! This looks wonderful. I love produce markets. I used to have a fantastic, friendly farmer's market at my old home which I miss very much. You had some lovely finds. The little owl prints are gorgeous and I covet your basket!

Penny said...

Beautiful pictures -- I wanted one of each when it came to the fruits and vegetables. We have regular 'tail gate' markets here in this area. They are usually small but filled with beautiful crops and sometimes plants (herbs and such) to buy.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, I went off to google muscadines. Unless they are clled some other name up here, I had never heard of or seen them. But I love grapes so I bet I'd love them. Yes, I love to go to the farmer's market too. Our closest best one is in South Bend and I love it. The Polish bakery that made my wedding cake has a booth there and I ALWAYS buy lots of Polish pastries and think of my Grandma while I eat them! There are always treasures to find too. Glad you got to go and found lots of good stuff.
xx, Carol

Winnie said...

What wonderful finds! We have an event each Sunday during the Spring - Fall that shuts down a portion of Main Street. It is called Park Silly Sundays where many vendors pitch their tents and sell their homemade products. There is a live band and some food vendors as well. We also have a farmer's market each Wednesday that is set up in the Canyons Mountain Resort parking lot.

There aren't as many neat items to purchase as what you have though. I do remember how many produce stands and antique stands are along the country roads in South Carolina. I also use to stop in at some great stands in West Virginia when we traveled to Snow Shoe Mountain each year.

P.S. Those muscadines looked divine!!

Deb said...

so many fabulous finds!
have a wonderful week ♥

Meg said...

Oh too wonderful! I can almost smell the fresh produce. Your books, owl prints and basket purchases are very exciting. And I hope you saved some of the lovely eggplant dip for your friend - I know, I know, it wouldn't post well! Thanks so much for sharing these great photos and experiences!

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

What a wonderful market, great photos and lovely finds, love the basket and the old childrens books.

Lady Locust said...

I can't believe you found a Gma Moses book for 50 cents! Are you aware of her story? It's heart-warming. Just found your beautiful blog.