Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Indian Summer

The leaves are beginning to change, but it is still very hot.  A true Indian summer.

A tiny hoof print.  A spotted fawn darted across the trail in front of me one evening, and I wonder if this little footprint belongs to it.  It was so tiny.  All legs, but as graceful as a gazelle.  Breathtaking.

Beautiful weeds :)  Anyone know what these are called?  The dried seed pods are like soft brown velvet, and as you can see the stems and leaves are scarlet and purple.  I thought they were stunning, so I made a bouquet of them.  Am I the only one who makes bouquets out of pretty weeds?

Milkweed Tiger Moth.  Isn't he fantastic?

Sweet gums - one of my favorite autumn and winter trees.

My sweet, patient boy.  He will sit still like this for an hour or more holding a tiny piece of bread so the little minnows will come and nibble at his fingers.  He loves them as I do and feels very protective of the babies who have spawned in our creek this year.  Precious boy.

Nature art.  An arrangement of colorful stones.  The colors don't show so well in the photo, but there are yellows, grays and varying shades of pink and orange.  Some are laced with bits of mica that sparkles like glitter in the sun.

We are all waiting patiently and hopefully for cooler, more seasonal temperatures to arrive.  In the meantime, we will enjoy these last few days of summer and the beauty it brings.

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Valerianna said...

After a long work-away day, and a rather annoying discussion with a less than agreeable student, this post is a breath of beautiful. Your great appreciation of the wild and of simplicity are wonderful - and, no, you are not the only one making bouquets from weeds, I do it all the time. I have a dried collection of them for my students to draw. And, that weed looks a bit like my anise hyssop after flowering, I think. I've been away from the garden for a while, starting indoor things, wood splitting and stacking, so I can't be sure, but it reminds me of something rather familiar.

And, it is so HOT here today! 88 and humid to beat the band... ugh. I'm melting!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Nice post, but I absolutely LOVE the pic of your son. It makes my heart happy that he finds joy in such a simple encounter.
xx, Carol

margaret said...

another lovley post from you Starr, what patience your son has to sit there like he does. Beautiful caterpillar and if you do not know what that weed is I should not think anyone does, your are so clued into nature and all around you.

Jules Woolford said...

Beautiful post, and I particularly love the leaf photo.
I wouldn't call that lovely looking thing a weed - just an overly successful plant!

That patient, nature loving young man obviously takes after his mother.:)

Winnie said...

Lovely pictures! What a patient little fella. My son & daughter do not have that type of patience. It is full speed all the time and even more in their teen years!

Mary Ann said...

Thank you for a beautiful post :)

Penny said...

Lovely post! Oh my, dried 'weeds' are my very favorites put into vases. Love seeing your son sitting so still beside the stream. A perfect picture.