Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Week In September - Wednesday

Blue Mistflower by Starr White
Blue Mistflower and Goldenrod, by Starr White

Because I could not choose, today you get a two-fer!  I was hoping you'd be able to see that magnificent insect in the top photo.  Have no idea what on earth he is yet, but he's gorgeous! and, I apologize for the color being off.  These really are blue in "real life".  Try as I might, I could not get them to show up blue in a photo.  Still pretty anyway :)

Happy Wednesday, my lovelies!!


Penny said...

What a lovely way to start my morning, looking at these beauties. Thank you!

Mary Ann said...

Wow what is that pretty bug? Love the photos:)

Valerianna said...

Cool bug, and love the purple ( but really blue) flowers!

Jo May said...

The photos are lovely and just fine! Blue seems to be a hard colour to capture in photos sometimes, I don't know why.
The bug is fascinating and it looks like a kind of moth with folded wings, I wonder what it is. The names of the flowers, Blue Mistflower and Goldenrod sounds magical.
Autumn blessings,
Jo. x

Winnie said...

Lovely pictures as always! We had our first snow fall today. Love the color of that bug.

margaret said...

not seen a bug like this before but can quite see why he wants to sit on your pretty flower

Suztats said...

Fab photo! Love the wee bug.