Saturday, June 1, 2013


Whilst unreeling the hose from its box to water some potted hostas, I spied with my little eye.....something green!

And very first.

But, as I began talking to her in the soft baby voice that I have always instinctively used when talking to animals (why do we do that, do you suppose? and how do we know that we should?), slowly, she began to turn her delicate little head and eyes to look at me!

She eventually decided that I meant her no harm, and she began to satisfy her own curiosity about me.  "Who is that giant? And why is she looking at me so kindly and talking to me in such a sweet soothing voice?  She's awfully big and funny-looking, but apparently, she seems to want to be friends...soooooo...."

"Hi-ya!"  "What's your name?" she seemed to say.  Oh! isn't she sweet!  I love her, and I have to think of a name for her.  Will you help me?

OK. Being the nature nerd that I am, I have some fun facts for you.  This gorgeous little girl is an American Green Anole, also sometimes called the American Chameleon.  Like other chameleons, she can change her body color to closely match her surroundings, although she is pretty much limited to shades of brown and green, (notice how well she blends in with the variegated English ivy in the above photos) and she can move each of her eyes independently if she wants to.  It's fun to watch her turn and move her eyes around to get a better look at me.  Turns out that this pot of hostas and ivy, which is situated close to the box which contains the garden hose, is the perfect little home for her.  She has a water source (the hose drips a little), lots of leafy cover where she can hide well-camouflaged from both prey and predator alike, and she can lay her eggs in the soft potting soil in these (old, dilapidated, needing to be replaced) pots.  I can tell she is a little female because of the pale stripe running down her back, and I think she is pregnant!  I've been looking at/playing with these little green lizards all my life, and I've never seen one quite so plump.

I just love her.  I find myself eagerly trotting out to water my potted plants a couple of times a day and looking for my little friend.  I just don't know what to call her.  Annie the anole seems a bit lame, doesn't it?

Leave me a comment with your ideas for a good name for this gorgeous little green girl.  And don't be surprised if you start seeing anoles showing up in my artworks that I share with you! :))))


Valerianna said...

She's GREAT! And, glad you made friends with her... maybe you can name her something akin to the ivy botanical name - Hedera helix - because she looks variegated. I actually like both hedera and helix. Anyway, hope she has lots of little greenies!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm pretty simple when it comes to nature names. For me, she's a Chameleon, so I'd be calling her Cami. But then, I call the kitty that's living in our shed Kitty Kat.

Your little greenie brings a bit of whimsy to your day so name her whimsically.

You must be communicating on some level since she allowed you to catch her in a pic!

That's what I say!
xx, Carol

margaret said...

you really keep us in anticipation Starr.all that teasing until we spotted your little friend.Will be great if she has little ones and stays around for to to watch them growing, as for a name I did wonder about Ivy as that is where she is hidden but think she needs something much more interesting, will wait and see what you decided on.

Michelle Palmer said...

Love the names folks are sharing! I will toss "Hazel" ha·zel in the hat :)
def: A reddish-brown or greenish-brown color, esp. of someone's eyes.

Friends that have beautiful green eyes... always changing with the clothes they wear!

She is beautiful~ thank you for sharing your sweet friend with us!

Suztats said...

She is so cute! As a chameleon, how about the name Chamera? or Cassie?
Thanks for sharing the info. Hope she has little ones.

Jules said...

Ooh, you're so lucky Starr! The only chance we've had to see anything lizard like is on holiday in the Mediterranean! She's such a beautiful little creature, hope you get a little colony in your ivy. Thanks for sharing the information about her - which you know I love to hear, I will go and Google Anole's now:) My suggestion is Lily as you found her while you were going to water your hostas - and they're also plantain lilies.x

Jeri Landers said...

Well I just adore her too! When I was a child, my mother would not allow any pets with fur, but I did have turtles and a little green chameleon, whom I adored. I don't remember his name, but this one looks like a Lady Marjorie, or just Margie for short.