Friday, June 7, 2013

Morning Mist and Wildflowers

Up and out early for my walk this morning. Singing "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!"

The wonderfully exotic flower of the Florida anise.  The scent is hard to describe.  Most people don't like it, but I do.  It's an earthy, musky, spicy smell that permeates this area in the morning.

A beautiful and delicate little wildflower called Indian Pink, although the bloom is bright red with a little white star popping out of the center when it opens.  I think it should be called something like firecracker, because it reminds me of fireworks.

I'm not sure what this one is.  Is it foam flower?

Lovely purpley blue spiderwort.  Terrible name, lovely plant.

I hung this bird feeder in a dogwood tree on the trail that runs alongside the creek.  I'm not sure how I feel about adding artificial ornamentation out here.  It was hanging on the back porch last year, and the only thing that used it was a family of red wasps that would get really snippy if you accidentally bumped into it, so it had to moved.  I'm still trying to decide if I should leave it here.  It does look nice, I think.

I love it when this happens.  A shaft of morning light pierces the deep shade and illuminates like a spotlight.  Gorgeous.

Not sure what this one is either, but I think it might be mealy sage.  Really, can't we come up with some nicer names?

Stumped on this one too, I'm afraid.  It's much more blue that this photo shows.  Purpley blue seems to be a very popular color amongst our local wildflowers.

The most precious one of all - a sweet offering from my baby boy.

Happy weekend everyone!


Valerianna said...

Looking lovely there... and, I know what you mean about plant names, but I think they are often named in a way to remember what their uses are. Liverworts and fleabane, eyebright, feverfew... I don't know if spiderwort was used for spider bites, or, if it just looks a bit spidery with its long, sharp leaves?

Foamflowers are low to the ground and smaller, spikier flowers. They are one of my favorites blooming in the woodland garden this time of year. I got a really good, cheap wildflower identifier book on Amazon a while back, helped me out a lot when I moved to the forest.

Valerianna said...

Oh, that could be foam flower, as I look again, I thought it was more of an umbel shape when I looked before. If its little finger size blooms and small, almost heart shaped leaves, creeping along the forest floor, that would be foam flower. Its so lovely!!

margaret said...

Starr another lovely stroll through your woods, re the bird house, I would leave it as some poor little bird might be desperate for some where to nest. You are so knowledgeable about your wild flowers, love the foam one and did not know that dog wood can come as a big tree, here they are very shrub like,I wonder do yours have the wonderful red branches like the shrubs we have .Afraid I cannot help with the one or two you are not sure of.

Suztats said...

A lovely woodland walk. Thanks for taking me along......

Jules said...

Thank you for the lovely walk! I would love to see the wildflowers of your woods for myself - I am especially intrigues by the Florida anise, and I agree with Margaret - I like the little birdhouse appearing unexpectedly in the woodx.

Joanna DeVoe said...

So lovely... THANKS for the nature walk!