Monday, June 10, 2013

Art al Fresco

Squeezing in a little practice time while the boys are having fun on the slip-n-slide.  Aaaaah, summer fun.

Our little old cottage is very dark and cozy like a little chipmunk's hole, which is nice and cool in the hot summertime.  but, not so good for painting and stitching.  I can't see! So, I take my watercolors outside.  Today I am practicing variegated ivy leaves.  So fun!  Can you guess what I might be planning in the future?  A painting of someone small and green, perhaps?

And of course, every artist needs her trusty assistants always ready to lend a helping hand or give an opinion.  See that porch?  I love it.  I won't let my husband paint it.  It would ruin the "patina"!  He just shrugs his shoulders.  He knows me by now.

Variegated ivy is the perfect subject for learning how to use watercolors.  I am experimenting to see what kinds of effects I can get.  The spots on that big one at top left are the result of dropping big droplets of water on dry paint to see what you get.  You get big spots.  Not exactly what I was hoping for.  Oh well, live and learn :)


Valerianna said...

Lovely to see the boys doing their summer thing, I remember the slip and slide well.

My house in summer, when all the trees are in, is also pretty dark downstairs. And my old studio was the PITS. But, the new studio is pretty light, even in summer. I'm heading out there today :) Your ivy experiments are nice. Look forward to seeing the other ivy painting.

Suztats said...

You have some nice results Starr. It's so much fun to experiment, isn't it? sometimes things turn out better than we hope, and other times it's a big surprise what happens. You might get some interesting results with rock salt. Have fun!

margaret said...

your ivy is great, I expect we will see a friendly litle creature soon peeping out fro it, maybe with some young ones too.

Jules said...

Looks like a lovely spot for your watercolour experiments. Love the 'patina' too!x

MILLY said...

Thank you for visiting, so glad you enjoyed seeing my drawings. I think the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your creative projects, do it for the pleasure it gives.
And drawing and painting is something you can do anytime, and you soon see progress and learn so much by just doing. Your ivy is lovely, you have captured it beautifully.

Jeri Landers said...

Your ivy is reallllly good! Now, I had a porch like that for years and years, it had a marvelous patina but the boards were rotting out. We eventually replaced the whole thing.