Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Murder Mystery!!

The last photo of Fred - alive that is.  I caught him playing king of the mountain the other morning and had to snap a photo.

This is how we found him this morning.  He had been murdered!  All of his appendages have apparently been eaten by someone, because we can't find any evidence of them in the tank.  No claw (he only had one, poor thing), no legs, no antennae, no (gulp) eyes!  Who could have done such a thing?!!!

Suspect #1 - the baby bluegill bream we caught in the minnow trap down at the swimming hole over the weekend.  He's a beautiful little fish with a nasty personality.  He is anti-social and has been nipping and biting at the other fish since we put them in the aquarium.  And even more damning is the fact that he is now inhabiting Fred's hidey hole!  I've seen him try to get in there a few times and Fred would run him out.  Jealousy is a good motive for murder, isn't it?

Suspects #2 and #3 - the other two minnows we caught and put in the tank.  A spottail shiner and a creek chub.  These two have seemed to be very skittish overall, but we have seen them nipping at poor Fred's cold, lifeless body.  They're eating him!!!  Hunger is a good motive, too!

And finally, suspect #4 - Ethel the other crawfish.  See her underneath the rocks on the right?  Notice the dead body's close proximity to her hidey hole!  And those claws  - capable of dismembering a body, no?  Many times the murderer is a family member!

So, we have four suspects - all with a motive for murder.  Where is Poirot when you need him?????


Mary Ann said...

LOL....my money is on Ethel:)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I say, lower the water, add a turtle and it won't make a difference who done it!...Sorry...that was BAD.
xx, Carol

Meg said...

Dun-dun-dun-DAH! So many suspects, Inspector! So many motives! Did you have the fish police-checked before you put them into the tank with the crawfish? Maybe they had met before in dark circumstances and were awaiting their chance to strike at Fred! Maybe Ethel wasn't his friend, but was in fact his arc-nemesis, from a feuding family across the creek ... an aquatic version of the Hatfields and McCoys now being played out behind glass! And how will you catch the perpetrator? You'll have to work fast, or the killer may strike again! What will you do when you catch the varmint? Will you hang him high? Or will you pan fry him? Find out next week in the next enthralling episode of ... TANK WARS: WHEN GOOD AQUATIC CITIZENS GO BAD!

margaret said...

nature can be so cruel but I suppose everything has to eat, we have spring watch on the tv at the moment and seeing the baby birds being stolen from the nests is heart breaking but as the commentators point out the mother birds are feeding their babies on caterpillars etc, all part of nature`s cycle I suppose but not nice sometimes.

You have shown us wonderful photos, wonderful camera you must have.

Jules Woolford said...

Indeed, this is a mystery that would inspire Agatha herself! I suspect the added motive of jealousy! Fred's unique single claw and King of the Mountain demeanor may have been his undoing.......

Jo May said...

Oh poor, poor Fred. I have tropical fish and I know that some should never live together in the same tank.
Over the years we have read about the fish murderers. There is a rogues gallery of fish! :-D
I think it was the Crawfish, Ethel did it and the others ate what was left of poor Fred... So sad!
R.I.P Fred. You were king of the tank once.

Jeri Landers said...

Suspect #1! I distrust him mightily. His motive? An uncontrollable desire for a seafood meal. And since the home is now vacant, he might as well move in, right? I say, put him in irons and hang him high! A dastardly crime.