Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sweet Dreams and Love Notes

Sweet Dreams by Starr White
Decided to do a little practice with watercolors today.  Since falling in love with textile art and embroidery, I've kind of let everything else fall by the wayside.  I know that it would be immensely helpful to be able to sketch out my ideas though, so I've decided to pick it up again.  Just learning by doing.  As an artist, I feel a bit like this little fledgling.  Venturing out little by little.  Learning new things.  Dreaming dreams.

And I was noticing on my walk today just how many heart-shaped leaves there are in nature.  So sweet.  Like God is leaving us little love notes.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

And finally, this thirsty little guy drinking from the wet sand on the creek bank.  I think I might use him as the subject for my next watercolor practice.  So beautiful!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You are a very talented young lady. In another life I will be a talented artist, or a dancer, or a singer, or a musician. This life is dominated by the left side of my brain ~lol~ But its a GOOD life.

As always, I enjoyed my visit here.
xx, Carol

Valerianna said...

Green is slowly taking over brown here, too. (finally!)
And, well, what can I say other than watermedia is by far the most exciting for me.

margaret said...

did not know you painted Starr, a beautiful painting and I am sure the butterfly will be beautiful too, look forward to seeing that when done.
Lovely to see all coming to life in the woods once again.

Mary Ann said...

I didn't know you painted either....lovely:)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

You can paint too? Wow! I can't paint at all. Terrible I tell ya! Just terrible!
I don't think I have ever seen a butterfly drinking. Totally cool!

Jules said...

Starr, you're a painter too!( your little bird is completely delightful) Watercolour, nature, embroidery (and fungi!) We are definitely kindred spirits!x