Friday, May 3, 2013

A Wonderland of Green

Green.  I actually forget how very green it is here until it happens all over again in the spring.  It's something I think I used to take for granted.  With age comes wisdom,  I suppose.  Not only does it look so very green, but it also smells so very rich and green.  I was thinking today as I walked that I wish there was some way I could share the fragrance with you as well as the images.  I so wish you could smell this.  Sweet earth.  Herbal, grassy greenness and flowers.  Indescribable and amazing.

The delicate beauty of the flower fallen from a tulip poplar.  This is the only way you get to see them since they are so very high up in the canopy.  It is easy to see how they get their name, isn't it?

It's also easy to see why these tall, straight beauties were harvested by Colonial entrepreneurs for the masts of the mighty sailing ships of those days.  They were a major source of revenue for the colonies in the early days of our country.  The British navy had a thirst for timber in those days - particularly tall, straight trees.

I love the thick, rope-like texture of their bark.

And their majestic presence in the landscape.  Tall, slender, and straight as an arrow with a high canopy of broad leaves and delicate tulip-like flowers in spring; they are a wonderful part of my woodland flora.  If you have these beauties in your landscape, keep a lookout for their flowers on the ground this time of year; and maybe take a moment to appreciate their quiet beauty.

Wishing you all the joy of spring very soon! Hang in there!  Happy weekend :)


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Beautiful!! Our trees are just starting to bud in Northern Indiana, but the weatherman promises a normal summer, which means temps in the low 80s and adequate rain. Perfect for landscape renovation.

Your landscape certainly is lush.
Have a great weekend.
xx, Carol

Jeri Landers said...

I love hearing the history of the Tulip Poplar, I had no idea! They grow here, all around us, I see a HUGE one from my porch each day. Your woods look very much like ours and I know what you mean about the scent, it is lovely.

margaret said...

spring has certainly sprung with you Starr, it is wonderful how fresh the green looks in spring so uplifting. We are not as advanced as you but every day it is looking better. Hope the bluebells will be out in the next few days and I will be busy with my camera then.
Love the tulip tree, not come across one before.

Suztats said...

I can almost smell the woodsy earth, the chlorophyll of spring growth, and see those massive trees. Spring has begun here, with crocus in bloom, and green probing through the soil in search of sunlight. The buds are fat, and ready to burst with new life. Ahhhhh

Mary Ann said...

I have never seen a tulip poplar. How wonderful.

In the last couple of days spring has roared in...we even had to cut our front lawn yesterday. We had so much rain and now that it's stopped everything is going it:)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

How beautiful. I can smell it. I use to take walks in places like that. Been a long time now. I miss it. I know exactly what you mean and can smell each and every thing. It's wonderful and indeed, so magical.