Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Fever

It's still quite cold here in Wonderland Woods, as we are having a much colder spring than usual; but Nature is determined and there is evidence of springtime everywhere!  Come and see.....

Wild violets are popping their little heads out from underneath their winter blanket of leaves.

The witch hazel is blooming the most delicate teeny tiny little yellow blossoms!  They fragrance is as delicate and sweet as they look.

The wild azaleas have lovely little pink buds.  Be patient! Don't open up too soon or Jack Frost will zap you!

Wonderful green trillium lights up the forest floor with its gorgeous mottled green leaves of three.  Soon that bud in the center will open into a deep dark maroon color.  Spectacular!

The plum trees are adorned with gorgeous blossoms that positively glow in the gentle evening light.

The lawn is full of white Dutch clover, but I don't mind.  It's attracting bees and bunny rabbits, and it smells absolutely divine!

Ok.  I know I am a self proclaimed lover of winter........but Spring is definitely growing on me!!!


Valerianna said...

So springy there! Beautiful trillium. I have the white ones here. But its snowing as I write this... and we still have a LOT of snow. (but I like it, too)

Meg said...

Wow, beautiful photos, Starr. You know "me loves photos"! I love the way "your spring" emerges. Because we don't have a snowy, frosty or very cold winter, the signs of spring are not as much a contrast as these - one day you wake up and realise that there are more blossoms than bare branches, perhaps, or that all of the coir liners in your flower troughs have been raided into great holes by birds seeking nesting material. But it is not a sudden thing. One season flows into the other here without much to note it by. I see them in my garden, of course, and celebrate it, but in general the change is not so remarkable. I love you land of contrasts and how well you notice them.

margaret said...

you are nearer spring in your woods Starr than I am in my garden, pear tree allready in blossom, mine has not started to bud yet.

Jules said...

Gorgeous photos! Trilliums and violets are definitely in my floral top 20! I love the winter too, but there is nothing quite like seeing those first wonderful signs of spring is there? x

Mary Ann said...

Spring and fall are my favourite seasons even though I was an almost Christmas baby (came two days early). I love the pictures you've posted...lovely to see some spring happening:)

Meg said...

Wow wow WOW! This looks fantastic. So great to see your personal style coming through - and how much confidence you have gained by going your own way and experimenting. This looks like the kind of art piece that would be featured in Quilting Arts magazine. I'm o"FISH"ally impressed.