Friday, March 29, 2013


Our house sits on a little hill overlooking what is essentially our back yard.  At the bottom of the hill, there is a lovely stream that empties into a nice deep pool in which we wade and swim and fish in the summertime.

Living so near a stream brings many visitors to our backyard.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to see them if we happen to be looking out the window, but most of the time, we only see evidence that they have been there.  We've had lots of rain lately, and the stream has brought great heaps of soft sand and deposited it all along the length of the stream.  This is the best place to look for clues......

And these clues are most often footprints left behind by a nocturnal or early morning visitor.  Here we see the hoof print of a fairly large deer - a female I think.  On the males, the "toes" are spread apart a little more than this.

These are the sweet, delicate little paw prints of a raccoon.  You can even see the little claw marks.

Graceful grasses swaying gently and peacefully going with the flow.

More raccoon prints.  So sweet!

The great blue heron who visits every morning.  Our little pool is one of his favorite fishing spots.

The dogs footprints mingled with that of the raccoon and over to the right, the trail of a freshwater snail.

And, we couldn't resist - me and my ten-year-old son had to add ours to show that we had been here too and were a part of it.  I hope days like this leave a lasting impression on him and that he will remember them fondly.  I know I will.


Valerianna said...

I got such a lovely, muddy sensation in my feet when I saw the last image... great!!

margaret said...

Starr another lovely few minutes spent wandering by your stream, it is such a peceful place, I think you must spend quite a lot of time down there so relaxing.
A happy Easter to you and the family.

Suztats said...

Lovely post, Starr. Out lakeside will look that nice and warm in a month or two, and I look forward to seeing the signs that visitors have left behind

Jules said...

Loved being a nature detective with you! Have a very Happy Easter.x

Winnie said...

Love your backyard paradise!! It must be a great adventure for your kids each day. The one thing I can say about my kids is that they loved exploring when they were young and we still love to venture off and explore when we travel. We can just go for long drives and pull off the road and just go explore what nature has along the way.

Deb said...

Such beauty in your own backyard! I love exploring nature like this ~ and going barefoot is best ♥