Saturday, March 23, 2013


Shep and Smokey by the driveway.  The grass is beginning to green up a bit, but the trees are still bare and shivering.  Notice the 3 old chimneys on the left.  They are relics of a large home that once stood here.  A lovely spot, I think.

It is early morning, and the shadows are still long.  The sky is icy and blue.  This is the lower meadow that has another stream running through the middle.  This meadow is surrounded by woods, and as a result is very popular with wildlife.  Deer bed down here at night.  Coyotes are often heard yipping down in this area.  And the beavers have chosen this secluded stream for their home. Yippee!

A lovely, marshy glade at the back end of the meadow.  This is where the beavers are harvesting a lot of young trees for their dam.

Beaver sign!

Some ghostly beech trees shivering in the shadows.

And there she is! The beaver dam.

A better angle.  Can you tell from the photo how much higher (and deeper) the water is on the upper (right) side of the dam?  It is beginning to form a deep, calm beaver lake. again - Yippee!!  I have waited nearly 8 years for them to return.  They were here when we first moved here, but a "well-meaning" neighbor poisoned them and tore up their dam with a backhoe.  Really, he meant well.  But I cried my eyes out when we found it destroyed.  Sorry there are no pics of the beavers themselves, but they were most likely napping after a night of hard construction work!

My handsome, but camera shy hubby hiding in the shadows of an enormous oak near the stream.  I told him I needed him for scale - tee hee.

And finally, a storybook tree on the lower, shallow side of the beaver dam.  This is a terrible photo, I apologize, but I was so excited to show it to you anyway.  Not sure if you can make out the opening on the left that Shep is standing just above.  And then the smaller opening over to the right at the base of the tree.  There is a front door and a back door opening to this tree dwelling.  Now who do you suppose lives in there?

Well, I hope you enjoyed this morning walk with me, and I hope you get the opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful world wherever you are.  And, thank you, so much for all the wonderful, generous, kind and encouraging comments you left on the Fish on Fridays post.  I was uncertain, and you all have made me feel just terrific.  What a wonderful community of artists and friends.  I am so blessed and so thankful!  Hugs to you!

Happy weekend, friends :)


Suztats said...

Thanks for the lovely walk. That spot where the three chimneys stand looks perfect for a house. I like beavers, too, but they are often misunderstood.

Jules said...

How wonderful the beavers are back - your woodland walk is my idea of heaven. It must be amazing to have such wonderful wildlife on your doorstep. I would have been completely devastated by what happened with your neighbour,too. Please - could you send some of those beautiful clear skies and some sunshine across the pond though? We're still in the depths of winter.

margaret said...

you lucky girl having the beavers back, and thanks for a lovely walk, everything here is white once again, this time last year we were having beautiful sunny tee shirt weather!

india flint said...

i don't understand how anyone could mean well by poisoning beavers


i have enjoyed my virtual wander through your whirled

and i'm glad the beavers are back

Starr White said...

It is very hard to understand, isn't it? The beavers' burrows extend far out into the adjoining field and can collapse when the tractor drives over them causing a great hazard to man and tractor. But still.......