Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Secret Garden - Building Walls

Time for a little update on the The Secret Garden project.  It is slow going, but that's ok.  That's what I wanted.

Last time, I showed you the little garden gate and the stones surrounding it.  Here I began laying the stones for the walls.

Here the stones have all been stitched on with a teeny tiny little blanket stitch around each one.  And, I tried to give each one a little stoney texture with some simple straight stitches and french knots.  And now ivy has begun to grow upon the walls with couched threads and lazy daisy leaves.  As I said, this is pretty slow going.  Each "leaf" of ivy is comprised of three tiny lazy daisy stitches.

This has been nice, meditative stitching.  This is by far the most long-term, on-going project I have ever attempted.  It requires patience!  I find myself wanting to rush and get finished.  That is when I put it away and work on something else for a while.  I don't want to rush.  I want to take my time and do it well.  I've compromised so many projects in the past due to my impatience to finish.  And really, what's the rush?  I'm having to re-program myself to not be in a hurry to finish.  I have come to realize that in almost every other aspect of my life I have been in a hurry to get finished so I could then go on and accomplish the next task. But, I'm learning that finishing is not necessarily a rewarding goal in itself.  Getting to the end of a journey is not always the point of the journey is it?  Sometimes the journey itself is more rewarding than the destination.

I continue to be amazed at how much art is teaching me about myself and about life in general.  Some of the mistakes I have made with my art projects have been the same mistakes I have made in life.  Being impatient and impetuous.  Going forward with an idea before thinking it through carefully.  Biting off more than I can chew!

Do your artistic pursuits also teach you things about yourself?  About your abilities and your limitations?  Do you see your own strengths and shortcomings reflected back at you in your art?

Ok.  Deep thoughts for a Saturday morning.  So, I will leave you with some pretty pictures.  We've had tons of rain, and the mosses and ferns are just gorgeous right now.

Happy Weekend!


Suztats said...

I think what we create is in part a reflection of who we are, how we think and feel.
I agree, too, that the journey is the best part, for along the journey we see and learn much, and the end of the journey is just that. So, making the journey last, and giving oneself time to live in each moment along the paths we take then makes the ending a realization, instead of just a target in a long list. The accomplishment is not the object to me. Instead, it is the knowledge gained and the growth of skills one derives by moving towards the goal.
Your Secret Garden is coming along beautifully. Enjoy every stitch moment!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your project is marvelous.
My grandson always tells me that I think too deep. I never used to. When I discovered the Bead Journal Project a few years ago, it awakened me to my inner thoughts. There is no better therapy than to meditate while you create art. Sharing it brings a certain gratification, but the real thrill is watching the project come alive and knowing satisfaction in your art.

I'm so glad you are sharing yours.
xx, Carol

Valerianna said...

Beautiful, I love the vines and the leaves on the stones. wow, what amazing detail! Not sure I could sustain it, I could, of course, if it was paint!

And, well, I would take up the whole page of comments responding to your questions about the creative process and self-knowing, etc. Let me just say, YES, its QUITE a process!

margaret said...

loving this secret garden project Starr, going on amazon this morning to try and get the same illustrated book you got.
I am one of those who hate finishing a project, we are a funny lot!!
So interesting reading the other comments, afraid I have not the words to put down what I think about my stitching journey.
Wonderful walk through your woods once again.

Michelle May said...

I loooooooooooove that garden project. It's fabulous! Indeed, life isn't about the destination. It's about enjoying the journey. :)

Mary Ann said...

Your project is really taking it. Those ferns and mosses are lovely to see:)Green:)

bohemiannie! art said...

Your stone wall with ivy is coming along beautifully. I used to look for the easiest things to make so they'd be done! Now...I don't mind putting time...and lots of it...into my projects. It doesn't always make it better for me...but it is very meditative Not to rush through to the finish line.

Jules said...

Lovely,imaginative and interesting! I am so interested in the beneficial effect that creativity has on our well being, and this post has such interesting points.Stitching like this in a kind of meditative way is all about mindfulness and living in the moment! And it's absolutely all about the journey.x

Jeri Landers said...

The secret garden stitchery is coming along so beautifully, I love the delicate vines and texture in the stones. I think it is so important to take the time to really enjoy the process of creating. There are times I want to rush through a piece of art that I am finding tedious. That is when I put it aside until the desire returns, to do it the right way; By enjoying every single stroke of the brush.

Deb said...

Your secret garden project is looking gorgeous. I understand the need to complete things :-) me too. Enjoy your quiet time stitching ~ I look forward to seeing each piece ♥

Michael said...

I am very impressed with the art you are creating in felt. Such detail and effort. Truly creative.

Wendy said...

wow, your secret garden wall looks lovely!