Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Salt Shaker Conumdrum

So.  I live in a super humid climate in the bottom of a valley near several streams and creeks and boggy places.  This environment is wonderful for growing the things I love - mosses, ferns, and mushrooms.  Unfortunately, it is not so good for anything metal.  Things rust here at an alarming rate.  Including the lids to things like - you guessed it - salt shakers.  Now we're getting to the point.

Once again, I go to refill the salt shaker and the lid is rusted shut.  So, I come up with the brilliant idea of purchasing a salt shaker with no metal on it whatsoever.  And it just so happens that my favorite antiques shop has a whole wall of wonderful vintage salt shakers!

As soon as I saw this sweet little couple, the farmer and his wife, I knew they had to come and live with me.  I fell in love at first sight.  Too much in love as it turns out.  I love them soooo much, that now I don't want to use them!!! What if one of them gets broken?!!!  They would be separated forever!  I just couldn't bare it.  They're just so sweet!  The farmer's wife sort of reminds me of a Matryoshka doll.

So, after all that, we still don't have a salt shaker (at least not one I'm willing to use ;)) Last night my husband walks into the kitchen and catches me pouring salt into my hand to sprinkle on the potatoes, and he just looked at me and shook his head.   Good thing that man loves me.

Happy weekend!!!


Jeri Landers said...

Oh dear, now you are in trouble... just think of all the charming salt shaker couples out there, just waiting to be added to your new "collection" ( you just don't know it yet)
Gosh, I know what you mean about the HUMIDITY ruining things. We have the same problem.To make matters worse, we have sulphur springs all around our property and sulphur is notorious for destroying metal. I had to sell my collection of antique tins before they were completely ruined.

Suztats said...

Next time you'll have to pick ugly s&p shakers, right?

Michelle May said...

You are too funny! I would be scared to use them too. They are adorable.

margaret said...

these are so cute Starr I can quite see why you do not want to use them.Re the salt, I have problems with dampness but have solved that by putting a few grains of raw rice in the salt cellar, works a treat but could not put it in a salt grinder.

Jules said...

Good for you - I'd never use them either:)

Meg said...

I painted the metal parts of my salt and pepper shakers (given to me by a friend with instructions to USE THEM) with clear nail varnish. It stops them from corroding with the damp/humidity and salt. I love your new friends, but I would probably use them. Life is too short not to use your good stuff.