Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Woods

Silvery sentinels :: silver and gold :: this year's brush pile :: buckeye bush :: ghostly dogwood

Oh, how I love winter!!!  The silver-clad tree limbs.  The soft, golden whispers of the tall brush sedge in the meadow.  Without the protection of the leaved trees, the grasses are at the mercy of the winter wind, and oh how beautiful it is!  Golden and swaying to and fro in great waves and shudders of movement.  It's like watching a very secret, sacred dance.  I can completely understand why the Native Americans who used to live here believed in a wind spirit.  I think I believe in it too!  The bare trees are so delicate and fragile-looking.  But, it occurs to me, that it is perhaps now when they are their strongest.  Turning inward.  Drawing strength from within.  Maybe that's why I love winter so much.  The quiet.  The stillness.  The time for reflection and looking inward.

The last photo is of one of my favorite winter time trees - the dogwood.  The bare branches remind me of deer antlers, and I often use them in holiday decorating.  They look beautiful tucked in between evergreen boughs.  I took this picture at dusk.  It was too dark, and I had to use the flash, but I love how it looks.

For my friend Margaret.


Valerianna said...

Lovely post. I, too, love winter. Ours has turned bitter cold for a few days, but the sun is shining on piles of snow. The dogwood does, indeed look like antlers. I use mountain laurel for the antlered look in my decorating!

Jules said...

Beautiful, I love the starkness of the branches, showing the 'bare bones' of the trees. Sadly we are still under grey skies, rain, rain and more rain, so no walking in the woods for me. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.x

bohemiannie! art said...

Your words are poetry. Beautiful, sensitive and totally depicting your word...if you've indeed chosen it. Your woods remind me - again - of my Virginia home...where I know I've said hundreds of times, "I LOVE the winter woods. What awesome pictures to take me back to an awesome time in my life. Thank you.

Suztats said...

It's like a secret world, only open to those who watch and listen to the stillness, and the songs in the wind.........It is when I am alone in the beauty of undisturbed nature that I feel simultaneously most alive, and most insignificant.

margaret said...

now when I look at these picture of winter wonderland it makes me realise winter is not all bad, just to think if no winter we would not have the trees naked and showing of their inner selves.
Thanks Starr once again for sharing the photos.