Tuesday, January 29, 2013

After the Rain

The pine thicket.

White-tailed deer


Lichen garden

Loyal, faithful friend.
Such a lovely walk this morning, after the rain.  The rain brings out the best in everything.  Colors and scents are deeper and more intense.  I couldn't resist a visit to the pine thicket.  The fragrance of a pine thicket after the rain is indescribable.  I wish they would make a perfume that smells like it.  I would never wear anything else.  It is sweet and earthy and fresh and well....just wonderful!  I can only imagine how it must smell to the dogs.  Of course, they probably prefer the scent of the rabbits who live up here to the damp earth and pine trees.  Shep has gone off to follow the scent of a cottontail rabbit, but dear, sweet, faithful Smokey stays close by my side.  He sits down and waits patiently for me to snap photos, and only moves on when I am ready.  He takes his job so seriously.  Bless his soul.  God bless Smokey.  I love you, boy.


Valerianna said...

Beautiful, drop laden pine needles.

I love that smell, too. I don't wear perfume anymore, but I do buy an amazing essential oil from a company who makes a wonderful blend called Forest Oil. Some of the blend - the hemlock oil ( the tree, not the poisonous plant!) - comes from the local forest here. I sometimes blend it with almond oil and wear a bit of it like perfume. There is another salve that I also use that is a forest-based blend. Since the forest is big medicine for me, I tend toward those scents. They are so healing for me.

margaret said...

another love;y walk I have taken with you today Starr and kept warm and cosy whilst making it!You know how much I enjoy your blogs on the woods around you. Have you ever spotted the beaver whilst out walking, that would be awesome.

Jules said...

Such a wonderful walk- and I am completely in love with Smokey - he looks so much like my gorgeous Bracken, she'd sit and wait even while I sketched! Still miss her after 10 years. Thanks for another lovely post Starr!

bohemiannie! art said...

Oh how sweet. Smokey loves his momma. Beautiful pictures you've shown here as well as the lovely words that paint more.

Deb said...

Beautiful photos. I love the smell after the rain too & taking photos of little rain droplets :-)
Smokey is adorable!