Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reindeer Ornament

Here is the completed reindeer ornament from my last post.  I added some evergreen sprigs and a little sparkle with some silvered glass beads.  I tried to capture the idea of his bounding through the forest.

On the back, I played around with combining faux bois and sashiko.  Whadya think?  Does this work? I can't decide.

And I also finished up my experimental 3D toadstool ornament with a jute twine bow and hanger.  I really like that frayed edge and plan to use that again in the future.  Just goes to show that sometimes when things go wrong, it can lead you in a new and unexpected direction.  I love when that happens.

So, these ornies are completed and now I'm sitting here drumming my fingers.  Wondering where to go from here.  I had thought about creating a bunch of ornaments and trying to sell them on Etsy, but I'm not sure.  I just don't know if I could make enough of them to make it worth my while - or if they would even sell!  I have no experience with selling my work online or elsewhere for that matter, and I'm a little reluctant to try to go there.  It's a thought that keeps lurking.  We'll see.


margaret said...

yes these have worked very well, can see the deer running around in your woods, will have to check out what faux bois is but I love the back anyway. Fraying does look good with the mushroom, love the 3D effect. I am sure these would sell well if you could find the market for them, do not sell myself but contribute to Church fairs etc,lots of the bloggers sell on esty and I am sure they will be giving you some advice.

bohemiannie! art said...

I think they're both beautiful. So very special. I've often thought about selling on Etsy too...and I guess if the idea is in the back of your head...go for it. See what happens! Your work is certainly exquisite.

Winnie said...

Your work is exceptional. I love the ornaments. I have thought about selling on Etsy myself all of the crochet items I have made. My only drawback is that it takes so long to make some that I just don't think I could get what I actually have put into them. I think for you, maybe to start at a crafts fair and see what the feedback is. I don't know how many craft fairs you might have in your area, but maybe a booth at the local fair could also help. I have a friend who also rents a booth at the local farmer's market and sells her crafts. She will also set up in a local parking lot on weekends to sell. It gives you an idea of the demand for your craft. I know I love going into the fairgrounds and seeing all of the exhibits. It's an idea. Good luck and keep crafting.

Suztats said...

These are lovely decorations, Starr! The reindeer is so earthy and I can see him majestically thundering through the forest. Love the 3-d mushroom.

Mary Ann said...

Love love these ornies:)

I have set up a tentative store on Etsy to sell my felt mice and other stuff but I haven't opened it yet. I'm still trying to figure out a store name...LOL Also the postage charges here in Canada are ridiculous for such small things so I have to consider that into the picture too. So much to think about but you should give it a try...no harm done.

I used to do a lot of craft shows years ago but I'm not inclined to do them anymore. They are mostly around Christmas and carting all the necessary stuff for a show in cold weather and snow is not my idea of fun. For this reason on line selling is starting to look like a good idea.