Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cold Comfort

I don't know about you, but these cold, dark winter days make me feel like burrowing in, cooking up something good to eat, and sitting by the fire with a good read.  I still had the Christmas tablecloth on the dining room table, so I decided to make dinner a little special this evening.

I cooked up a pork roast, and to quote Miss Bates from the movie "Emma", it must have been a happy little porker, for it was so very good!  How could anything not be good with bacon on top????

And here in the South, we like our piggies to be served with sweet potatoes.  Mine are roasted in their skins, then peeled and whizzed in the Cuisinart with cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, and butter. Oh, and just a whisper of cream to make them silky smooth.

Two happy little boys tucking in.  They love it when Mommy sets the table all fancy.  See that heaping plate of food up there on top?  Um.  That one's mine.

Yes, I know.  I eat like a lumberjack.  How else am I suppose to keep my girlish figure????  So, there's the pork roast and sweet potatoes, peas and rice, cole slaw, and leftover cranberry salad from Christmas.  I'm a happy girl.

Now, after all that hard work it's time to sit by the fire, rest a bit, and warm my toes.  I love winter.  


margaret said...

your dinner looked delicious, like you I love a sweet potato, your fire looks so welcoming I can just picture you curled up maybe some stitching in your hand or a good book.

Mary Ann said...

Yummy yum yum....drool:)

Suztats said...

I'd like to rest in that chair by the fire, soaking up the warmth, and sipping a nice, hot drink. Oh, what lovely daydreams live in the flickering flames!