Friday, November 30, 2012

Wonderland Workshop

Four more little peg dollies have had their make-up done.  They are awaiting hair and costumes.  Notice there are two good little girls who are very reverent, and then there is the one who wears a little too much make-up and has her eyes open during prayers and vespers, and then there is the one who is obviously amused by something the naughty one said.  I love how they each have their own little personalities.  I think I could get addicted to doll-making.

And remember this piece of painted cloth?  Well, I finally found a use for it.  I'm always searching for ways to add more dimension to my work, and this is a little experiment in fabric relief.

I was pretty happy with the result!  Even though this was just an experiment, I hated not to use it somehow.

So,  I'm turning it into an ornament.  As I stitched around the outside edge, the fabric began to fray.  At first, I thought it was ruined, but then as I looked at it some more, I kinda liked that frayed edge look.  So, I frayed it some more!  I think it's kinda cute in a rustic, distressed way.  Sort of that wabi sabi thing.  Yeah.  That's turning lemons into lemonade :)

And then a little reindeer (of the southern whitetail variety) came bounding through the forest and has inspired another ornament.

Even though it is not officially the Christmas season until tomorrow, Wonderland workshop is in full swing ornament production!  Crosby and Sinatra are crooning.  Tiny white lights are twinkling.  I'm in my happy place. :))))))


margaret said...

your peg doll faces are so alive, such a talent with the brush here. Love what you have done with the toadstool and the reindeer is coming along a treat. Can`t go wrong with Frank crooning in the background, although Chris de Burgh works for me every time.

Mary Ann said...

I love the faces:) I warned you doll making can be addictive LOL

I love your toadstool ornament:)