Sunday, November 4, 2012

Land of Cotton

King Cotton - still a major player in the economy of the deep South.  Fields of cotton roll on for miles and miles in the low-lying areas along the rivers where the soil is deep and rich.  This humble plant is such a miracle of nature.  This is a sight I have known all my life, but I thought there might be some of you who would enjoy seeing cotton in its natural habitat.  I am happy for all the cotton farmers in my area as it looks like it's going to be a bumper crop this year!

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margaret said...

it looks just like cotton wool!
good to hear about bumper crops as the price soared last year when so much was lost due to the rain all over the world. Love the pics, will be saving some of them to the computer

Starr White said...

Thank you, Margaret! I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos.

Mary Ann said...

I recently saw pictures of the fields in flower. I never realized that cotton had a flower...silly me. It must be a beautiful sight to see all of the fields in bloom and then with the white cotton:)

Starr White said...

Yes, Mary Ann, it is a beautiful that I never get tired of. Cotton is really such a miracle.