Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Tree Sculpture

Along one side of our driveway, there is a long line of water oaks that we guess to be nearly 100 years old.  Nearly all of them are dying.  This tree in particular has been dead for a while, and my husband decided that it was a safety hazard and needed to be pulled down.  So, he took the tractor and tried to push it over, but it would not go down.  She is old and decaying, but she is not ready to lie down just yet.  Her heart is still strong as you can see in the third photo, and it is all that is holding her upright. Some people may pass by this tree and only see a decaying stump.  But, to me it is a poignant image.  It is all that remains of a once tall and mighty oak.  Children played under this tree.  Couples kissed goodnight under this tree.  Birds and squirrels and countless other creatures made their home in this tree.  And she is not ready to say good-bye just yet.  I was struck by the sculptural beauty of its shape and form, and I am still appreciating the beauty she has to offer those who will see it.  I will be sad when this tree finally falls to the ground. 


Suztats said...

The tree does have a wonderful strength, but I so enjoyed reading about its heart. If only trees could talk and speak to us of their history, all they have seen and heard, what a wonderful story it might be!

margaret said...

this tree must be so so strong, as you say it is only the heart that keeps it standing, looking at it it looks as though a puff of wind would slay it.

Oh yes how many stories it must hold, secrets we will never get to share but can just imagine what went on under and around it.

Starr White said...

Yes, Suz and Margaret. This tree, and the others, stand in front of what use to be a large house with around a dozen or so children! So, I'm sure it has many stories to tell.