Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Halloween Vignette

My favorite Halloween decoration - my witch!  She is actually a wind-up music box and when she is wound, she bobs up and down behind her cape and the right side of her cape swings in and out.  She's wonderful!  And then there is her little work table where she mixes her potions and researches spells.  She is my most prized Halloween possession!

Next we have Mr. Pumpkin in his purple velvet coat and top hat standing next to a lovely haunted pumpkin candy dish.  I love the little ghosties peeping out of the pumpkin. 

And here is the whole scene set up on the buffet in the dining room.  Can you make out the black wire tree in the center?  It holds votive candles and really makes the scene nice and spooky at night when lit by the candlelight.  We have another little scene on the mantle and another one on top of the entertainment center.  It's really looking like Halloween around here!  How are you celebrating the spooky season?


margaret said...

all very spooky. I am sorry to disappoint you but from being tiny halloween scared me and even now I will make sure I am tucked up in bed with all my lights off. Here we also have mischief night the day before and I hide for that too.I am such a wimp!

Starr White said...

Not to worry Margaret! Our Halloween decorations are quite friendly and not at all scary :)

Suztats said...

Living out in the boonies has meant that I've not had trick-or-treaters for almost 40 years, so I'm not really into celebrating Hallowe'en....but I did enjoy dressing up when I was working.
I do like to see what everyone else does for decorating. Your scene is hauntingly good!