Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wonderland Woods: A Late Evening Walk

We took a long evening walk today.  The sun was beginning to set as we started out, and the shadows were already growing deep down in the glade.

I think I must have surprised a fairy as I discovered her parasol beside this watering hole in a tree root.

That blur is Shep when he realized Mommy had gone off and left him when he decided to go chasing after a mouse up in the meadow.

This is what it looks like down inside the shady grove beside the creek.  It can be quite spooky if you're in the right frame of mind.  I often think of Little Red Riding Hood when I'm down in here and it's dark and cool and quiet.  Only the sound of the creek down below and the soft, muffled chirping of crickets.

This shaggy mushroom cap looks a bit ghostly in the twilight.

Down beside the big creek, there is an opening in the undergrowth along the banks where the deer come up to eat acorns under the big white oak.

I can tell they have been here very recently!  Here is a hoofprint in the soft sand under the white oak.

Smokey pauses to wait for Mama to take pictures.  This clearing is where we camp.  It's right beside the rapids and makes for a wonderful place to sleep.  The ground here is that same soft sand in the above photo.

We ascend out of the dark shadows and up into the meadow again.

The grass here is so tall!  Smokey is looking anxiously for his brother Shep who has completely disappeared in the jungle of grasses.  Notice how Shep is always off galavanting looking for critters and faithful Smokey stays close to Mama.  Such a good dog.  Collie + Rottweiller is a good mix for a dog.

We go around a few more times and soon the sun has left the sky completely.  Now the glade is really dark.

Tonight we walked until the sun went down, the moon came up, and the owls began to call one another.  I did not want to come inside!  A beautiful, magical evening. 


Suztats said...

Sounds like a perfect evening to me!

Emily said...

Oh, your texture photos are so good!!!! You should take more and post them.

Starr White said...

Thanks Emily!