Thursday, September 6, 2012

Second Spring

Milder temperatures and plenty of rainfall have brought about a new flush of wildflowers here in Wonderland Woods.  This time of year when the oppressive heat of summer subsides we are lucky enough to experience a sort of second springtime.  Days are warm and sunny.  Nights are cool and crisp.  And nature thrives.  It's such a magical place to be!  The sunlight is soft and golden.  There is even a carpet of colorful leaves on the path through the woods.  It's almost as if the stage has been set for a fabulous party.  It sets my imagination on fire to think of all the wonderful creatures who would attend such a party.  How about a rabbit in a black coat with tails?  Or a field mouse wearing a very smart vest and breeches?  Or perhaps a fairy wearing a gossamer dress spun for her by a friendly spider?  It's so much fun to imagine such wonderful things.  That's why, when I am out walking alone in the woods, I often catch myself smiling.  I'm in my very own magical little world.  Here's wishing you a little magic and a secret smile ;)

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