Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Cicada

The sound of a summer evening in the South - the song of the cicada.  It's a wonderful song that sings many a Southerner to sleep at night.  You would not believe how loud they are.  Their song is falling silent now as summer draws to a close.  You can still hear one or two here and there on a warm night.  This one had already gone to the great forest in the sky, unfortunately.  They are so perfectly camouflaged that it is nearly impossible to see them when they are  perched in a tree singing their little hearts out.  I love these bugs.  They sound like home to me.  Warm, humid nights.  Frogs singing.  Crickets chirping.  And the star of the show is definitely this so-ugly-it's-cute cicada and its wonderful high pitched undulating song.  Goodnight sweet cicada.  Sweet dreams.  See you next summer.

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