Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Color of Emotion

Hope Emerging, by Starr White

Last week, to be perfectly honest, I was in a bit of a funk.  And then one day, while I was out driving, I happened to notice the blue sky.  It was a perfect summer sky.  You know the kind I mean - brilliant blue sky with white puffy clouds floating by.  And it really perked me up.  I was carried away by the breathtaking beauty of it, and my funk started to fade away.  I was uplifted.  This got me to thinking.

What is it about that beautiful blue sky that changed my mood?  I mean, sure it was beautiful, but what was it exactly, that lifted my mood and broke the cycle of funk I was in?

Emily and I have been talking about color here lately, and how it can be used to express emotion in our art.  So, I wondered.  Was it that gorgeous color?  That brilliant blue that we know is the color of the sky on a bright, sunshiney day?  I remember feeling a sense of hopefulness when I looked at that perfect summer sky.  The feeling of optimism - that things were going to get better and that the future is bright. 

That was the inspiration for this painting.  It represents that feeling of hope and optimism arising from out of my dark mood.  A mood that was lifted by the sight of a brilliant blue sky.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to visit my blog.  And thank you especially for your many kind and encouraging comments.  It's nice to know there's somebody out there reading it.  Here's wishing you many brilliant blue skies in the days to come.


Suztats said...

That sunny-sky blue really pops against the orange!

Starr White said...

Thanks, Suz! The effect is much greater in "real life". It is frustrating not to be able to capture the true colors in a photo. This was my 5th attempt.

Claudia said...

Great! When I watched your painting M. Rothko came in my mind. I also think a photo can give just a kind of imression of the real picture!

Starr White said...

You pay me a very great compliment, Claudia! Rothko is one of my favorites. Thank you :)