Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boxed In

Spring I, by Starr White

Spring II, by Starr White
Summer, by Starr White
Autumn, by Starr White

Winter, by Starr White
 I'm sure a lot of artists experience creative slumps every now and then.  Summer seems to do it to me.  I don't know if it's the oppressive heat or what, but I've been struggling lately.  Just feeling a bit wilted.  Emily suggested a series of abstracts based upon the seasons, and these little sketches are the result.  We've been discussing color a lot lately, so I decided to paint some abstracts representing the colors I associate with each season.  At first, I was distressed because all I could come up with was boxes - squares and rectangles.  I tried other things, but nothing seemed to work.  So, I decided not to fight it, and gave in to painting just simple boxes of color.  As I looked at them later, I realized I had also been experimenting with space - negative space - the spaces between the blocks of color, and I noticed that I had unconsciously made representations of the feelings of light and space associated with those seasons as well. 

Spring here is fleeting - light and ethereal.  Summer is very hot, and very green.  The yellow with the black dots is a nod to the black-eyed Susans that dominate the wildflower scene in summer.  Autumn is by far our most glorious season - a riot of color and an exuberant farewell.  Winter is mostly the grays of the bare trees, the browns of the fallen leaves, and the frosty big blue skies.

Perhaps the boxes are symbolic.  Perhaps they are a representation of my desire to get out of the proverbial box and find my own unique artistic voice.  For now, I will not fight the box.  I will make friends with it and explore it thoroughly until I am ready to venture out.  For everything there is a season.

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Emily said...

Really nice painting! I like the different colors combinations you chose for each season.