Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Morning Glories

Their name is absolutely perfect for them, isn't it?  They are glorious indeed.  These are some more beauties from the brushpile.  I told my husband he cannot burn it because there are too many beautiful things growing in and around it.  It's a magnet for all sorts of beauties.  There are cardinals nesting down inside it.  It's covered in beautiful blooming vines.  Dandelions and Black-eyed Susans surround it.  My sweet husband just sighs and smiles a knowing smile.  He understands that I find beauty in strange places. And, when he stops to really look, he sees it too.  He will wait until fall to burn the brushpile.  Thank you, Honey.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh, we keep our brush pile, even in the winter. Little critters take shelter there. Each spring it seems to break down pretty well as more is piled on.

Starr White said...
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Starr White said...

My husband is very sweet and tries to indulge his quirky wife, but I don't think I could persuade him to leave it permanently. He still sees it generally as an eyesore, but leaves it alone for my benefit. It does make me sad for the critters that get uprooted though. Thanks for stopping by, Carol :)