Monday, June 18, 2012

The Dreamer

The Dreamer, by Starr White
This is a little watercolor pencil sketch I drew near the end of  last summer.  I had no idea at the time just how prophetic this little image would be.  Here I am, less than a year later, blogging about my creative life - in which mushrooms play a large role at this point.  As I've said in previous posts, the little mushrooms represent fairytales and magic and the enchanted world of fairies and gnomes that I imagine living here in my little woodland paradise.  They appeal to the child within me, and seem to embody a spirit of hopefulness and a belief that maybe, just maybe their is a little magic in the world afterall, that maybe dreams can come true.  And besides that, they're just so darn cute.  They make me happy.  I suppose that little fairy is me, sitting atop that big toadstool dreaming of being an artist for real.  Dreaming of turning my love of art into some kind of living where I can spend my days doing what makes me happy.  It seems to me that the art I create is a good indicator of what's going on in my heart and mind at the time.  And, so it would seem that I am still dreaming about fairytales and mushrooms and a bright future.  I hope that little guys dreams come true.

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