Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meg's Mushroom Is Complete

Well, to be honest, let's call this Meg's Mushroom, version 1.  This was just a little experiment to see if I wanted to do a larger one, and I have decided that I do.  I am planning to do one just a bit larger with a few improvements.  I have been playing around with backgrounds and what I can do to add a little more interest to the pieces.  So, those will be coming up in the future.  But, for now, here is the finished mini-project.  I added an oak leaf that I made out of brown felt and hemp twine for the stem, and I also added a little clump of grass, some french knots for a little bit of mossy green and some stitching to the stem of the mushroom.  Those last two additions were due to the helpful suggestions of my friend, Emily.  It definitely needed a little sprucing up, and she gave me lots of good ideas that I will use in my next piece.  What do you think?

Overall, I am pleased with it.  As I said, I have plans for improvement, so stay tuned!

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