Thursday, March 1, 2012

Turning a Dream Into Reality

Today I am focusing on developing the first group of pieces for my future Etsy shop. That is my biggest goal for this year, and I am working steadily towards achieving it. I have decided to make a couple or three versions of at least 5 different pieces (hopefully more) to get started. I hope to have some pretty and practical pieces and also pieces that are purely art for display. I like pretty things that are functional, and so I have chosen to begin there. I hope to post some photos of what I'm working on soon, but I have some camera/computer maintenance issues to tend to before I can post photos. My computer is from the middle ages and thus cannot store lots of photos, so I have to store most of them on a CD. I have to "empty" my camera of over 400 photos and store them on a CD before I can use it to upload a few select photos onto my computer. Then, I will be able to share photos with you of my beautiful woodland home, which is my greatest inspiration, and the pieces it inspires me to create. Of course, my work is not limited to only nature related subjects, but it is by far my greatest inspiration. I think you will find my work to have a simple, homespun quality to it. I am a simple, homespun girl, and so that is reflected in my work. I hope you like what you see, and I hope to have an Etsy shop up and running soon just in case you see something you just can't live without!

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